Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update on budget-cutting special session--USOE being cut too

I just read an update this morning on the budget session. (I was disappointed that I was too busy to listen to the legislature's apologetic show this morning. I still have something to post about from last week though.)

The Utah State Office of Education is also part of the 2-5% cuts necessary because of declining state revenues. I think this is just and fair. I agree with Senator Valentine that the USOE is less important than the classroom elements and agree with State Board of Education President Richard Sadler and board member Richard Moss that the cuts are prudent and not a retaliation measure. I appreciate that the legislature is trying to preserve classroom elements from the cuts this year and agree that classroom money will likely have to be part of the reductions next year.

I also repeat my hope that the legislature will include their own salaries, benefits, and staff as part of the statewide cost cuts.

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